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Who We Are

Danze is young and playful with an entrepreneurial spirit and an optimist’s view of the world—a world filled with unlimited possibilities. We are savvy, independent thinkers - much like our customers. We believe that style and design have the power to inspire and delight. This belief is our reason for being.

Preferring the path less traveled, we enjoy the distinction of being different as much as we enjoy the new experiences that come out of it. We are easy-going but possess an ambitious edge. We’re proud of this paradox. You’ll usually find us hanging with other fun and free-thinking people who are authentic, caring, and friendly. We embrace of the beauty of life. And we know we are all in this together.

                         Why We Do What We Do

We're grounded and humbled by the idea that people, all over America, are using Danze products everyday in a multitude of ways. And when they do, Danze is helping them feel better about their homes and about themselves in a multitude of ways. This is why we're focused on creating products that are an expression of our customers and their relentless search for something beautiful, distinctive and refreshing. We know we've met our goal when our customers say

"Danze reflects my independent style and the way I think. Danze is a part of my life. Danze adds to my life. Danze gets me."


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