Adam Hartig



Company:  The Kitchen Master

Address:    Naperville, IL, 60563

Phone:       630-369-0500


What's your design philosophy?

Listen first…then creative function, flow, and innovative surfaces are focused on the client’s needs.   An in-depth interview process is key to understanding the needs and goals for a renovation.  I take pride in listening to his clients, then offering multiple solutions based on those needs to accomplish a timeless design that will be enjoyed for a generation.  I feel that my rooms carry the signature of designer AND client coming together to maximize the potential of a space.  


What's the best piece of design advice you've ever received or given?

Don’t get comfortable!  Meaning that many people are comfortable making the safe and easy design sale, then moving onto the next client.  I challenge myself to treat each project as if it were my own home and try to push my design skills to the max!


What's a recent project that you're really proud of?  Why?

I was recently selected to restore a mid-century modern home in a historic community outside of Chicago.  Beyond being flattered that I won the project against many proposals, I had the opportunity to work in my favorite design style whilst bringing back a dramatic home that was in desperate need of repair.  After a year of very hard work, the home has reclaimed its place as a true work of architectural art, wowing guests and winning design awards.   


Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from my clients, the amazing designers in our kitchen / bath community, and the cosmopolitan world around us.  I’m an avid traveler visiting 38 countries in my lifetime, influencing my designs by various multicultural and architectural concepts. 


Do you specify Danze and if so, what’s your favorite collection?

Parma is easy to specify in transitional and modern kitchen designs.  Great lines and style variations that my clients love!