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A gift that will never run out of gas



For several years now, the upscale car company Lexus has been running a TV campaign that encourages viewers to make this “a Christmas to remember.” The stories always end the same way: an extremely surprised person discovers that their holiday gift is sitting in the driveway and topped with a big red bow. We love this commercial and keep encouraging all those who love me to watch it. Unfortunately, they’ve yet to get the hint.

Of course, Lexus never talks about the downsides of giving a car that show up long before that ‘new car smell’ begins to dissipate. Downsides like: monthly car payments, insurance, high gas prices, pollution, maintenance, car washes-menacing birds-car washes, shopping mall door dings, flat tires, rush hour traffic, bad drivers…

Toilet_with_bowA less troublesome and slightly more realistic alternative to gifting a loved one with a luxury car can be equally (almost) surprising and possibly even more rewarding—give the gift of a new toilet or a kitchen sink or new countertops or new flooring or, well you get the idea. Giving someone a gift that helps give their tired bathroom or outdated kitchen a fresh new look is not only totally-out-of-the-blue unexpected but it is the kind of loving and thoughtful gift that will be appreciated rain or shine every single day of the year.

Now whether you’re confident that you know the person’s tastes well enough to choose a particular faucet style and color or you simply give them a gift card for a retailer or bathroom-kitchen showroom so they can pick what they like themself, you will be saying you care enough to give something that is beautiful, meaningful and really useful. Something that will make them feel happy inside to see it every time they walk into the room. And best of all, however big or small, your ‘remodeling’ gift will save them the trouble of having to circle the block ten times to find a place to park it.

And now we want to hear from you: What do think about the idea of surprising someone with a remodeling gift for their kitchen or bathroom?