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Craft your kitchen



Add some personal touches to your kitchen! There are a ton of cute craft projects that are as functional as they are fun to make! Many projects can be completed under an hour and are so simple; you can bring the kids in to join in on the fun.

Magnetic Knife Strip: All you need is a magnetic strip, which can be found in your home improvement store or the home and garden section in your discount store, some fabric of your choice, and a glue gun. To start, cut a piece of fabric _Menu_boardthe size of your desired magnet with an extra ¾” added to all 4 sides.  Lay the fabric upside down and take a glue gun and line one side of the magnetic strip with a good amount of glue. Then place the glued side onto the center of the fabric. Once that has set, fold over the edges and glue in place. Mount the strip in your kitchen and add your knives and you are all set!

Menu Board:  Here is an easy little project that will add a lot of character to your kitchen! First find a good size picture frame with a small border, old or new. Next place a piece scrapbook paper of your choice to lay in place of the picture, this acts as a background. If you would like to take it a step further, you can use letters (stickers, or print on the actual paper) to spell out menu and the days of the week down the left side to add a bit more structure to your board! After closing the frame, you now have the base for your dry erase menu board! Have fun with this, it is easy to switch out the paper and it adds a great pop of color and style to your kitchen while keep the whole family in the loop for the week!

Kitchen Hooks:  This is a really cool project that makes for a great statement piece.  First, decide how many hooks you want to have. forks_and_spoonsOnce that is decided, you need that number of vintage spoons or forks, which can be found at your local thrift store or flea market. You also need a piece of wood that is wide enough to accommodate the number of flatware you choose. Bend the stem of the spoon or fork to the desired position for the hook.  Drill a hole through the stem, so it hangs nicely.  Screw the flat wear into place and you are ready to hang anything from keys to your kitchen towels!