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Give Your Kitchen a Summer Makeover



Everyone knows the phrase, but why not the kitchen sink? Although this expression is just a visual gag, let’s focus on the sink, after all it’s a huge part of the kitchen, right?

installing_sinkFrom traditional to modern, there are several popular styles for those remodeling, or simply just looking to update their sink to meet their style and needs. This piece can make a huge statement, while providing the functionality needed for the kitchen.

To start on the traditional end of things, most people think of the farmhouse sink. With its country feel and durable material, it is the perfect complement to many kitchens to give it that rustic look. Although some believe this sink is very specific to a certain kitchen, its traditional look can be mixed with very modern elements and balance perfectly.

A great alternative for the farmhouse sink, if you are more of the transitional type is the apron front sink. With the look and feel of the farmhouse sink, it is really functional, but is flush with the countertops which makes it finished and extremely stylish for those savvy home owners! It is available in different finishes as well allowing it to be very traditional like the farmhouse sink, or it comes in materials such as stainless steel that make it very contemporary and edgy! With such a broad range of finishes, this sink is the perfect fit for almost any kitchen!Taju-Mid

On the other end of the design scale, the modern minimalist should keep it angular and clean. An undermount stainless steel sink might be the just the thing! With so many options for this style, you can customize this sink to fit your fancy. There are different depths, shapes, as well as compartments. Whether you want a double sink or single, there are many options while keeping the clean look of it being under the counter.

To top off your new sink, chose a faucet that will complement it perfectly! For the very traditional, a bridge faucet will complete that cottage feel, while a pre-rinse pull down might balance the modern sink perfectly! Keep style in mind, but always make sure the sink and the faucet function for your day to day needs, after all that is the purpose!