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A Self-Cleaning Home


Believe it or not, some people in the world find genuine joy and relaxation in the act of cleaning their home. And then there are the rest of us—good people who would rather be outside playing with the dog while the house magically cleans itself. Well, until that magical day comes, these time-saving, home-cleaning tricks will be waiting for you when the dog gets too tired and wants to come back inside: 

GET OUT OF A BAD SCRAPE: A quick alternative to scrubbing sticky or dried items stuck to a flat surface is to use a painter’s putty knife. From stickers to dried foods or juice, one quick swipe is all it takes.

ENJOY GUNK-KABOOBS: Those cheap, wooden sticks are great for more than just holding together your favorite Hawaiian chicken kabob recipe. They offer a quick way to reach all the dark gunk that gathers in those hard-to-reach crevices like shower and window tracks, as well as those areas where the faucet connects with the sink and the plumbing fixture connects with the porcelain.KidCleaning

GIVE YOUR KID SOME HANGUPS: How many of your children’s toys do they play with every day? The ones that are rarely (or never) touched can be removed from the floor and stored in the closet or a drawer. When the urge hits, your little ones can fetch them with little effort. The same can be done with belts, bags, clothes, and anything else that is cluttering up the floor.

CHORE DOOR: If your family agreed to lighten your work around the house but can’t remember to do the chores they ‘agreed’ to do, don’t get mad. Just make a chore list and put it in a place where they can’t possibly ignore, uh, miss it: the bathroom, the refrigerator door, the lamp next to their bed.