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Are You Under the Influence?



935223_633379246689853_782451267_nIf you are a regular watcher of kitchen and bath design trends, you probably already know that several years ago polished chrome lost its sheen as the finish of choice for American designers. And so what has been their finish de rigueur? If you guessed, brushed metals, you would be right. But you would also be wrong. You see, things have kind of changed in the last year. Here are the hard cold facts on finishes as reported by the people who get paid to follow this sort of thing, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). 

What’s Old is New Again

Last year, kitchen designers specified polished chrome 34% of the time. This year, that number has shot up to 52%. And over the last twelve months, the numbers are 46% up to 65% for chrome finish choices within the bathroom. Even polished nickel has seen modest growth in the bathroom. At the same time, the use of brushed finishes continues to erode within the kitchen universe. For the past twenty-four months, brushed nickel has also fallen significantly in popularity. And so now, if you’re anything like us, you’re asking the same question—

So what?

How much should you really care what is ‘in’? How much weight should you give a ‘trend’ today when there’s every chance it will have changed by the time we wake up tomorrow morning? If you’re looking at a polished chrome faucet for your kitchen or bath because it’s a great complement to the décor, isn’t that reason enough to buy it? Or should you be thinking beyond the décor with an eye toward the day you’ll be selling your home? After all, you don’t want to turn off prospective buyers with a faucet that is no longer in style. Ah, but will it still be in style when you ‘re finally ready to stick your ‘for sale’ sign in the ground?

As a kitchen and bath designer and manufacturer who is in the middle between knowing what is ‘hot’ and listening to what our customers want, Danze believes you should buy what’s going to delight you. After all, you’ll be living with your decision every day. And so it should be something you love seeing every day