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Bring wallpaper to a new dimension


Wallpaper was a huge design trend in the 1980s. Recently, we have seen wallpaper come to life, but in a different way. Although wall paper is applied with the same technique, one big change is the print of the wall paper. Instead of floral or vegetables on white canvas, the designs are textured, bold, and graphic. Another difference is instead of covering the walls; it is strategically placed for a pop of color and design that is sometimes unexpected. But the biggest difference is where homeowners and designers are applying the wallpaper.


The first great trend for wallpaper is using it as an accent. A very graphic, bold print can be just what the doctor ordered when wanting to spruce up a room. Keeping the walls fairly neutral then using a print can draw the eyes to that wall and really make a statement. Consider putting the wallpaper behind the bed or sofa, but keep in mind to use a paint color on the other walls that compliments the wallpaper. You also do not need to cover the entire wall, just adding a small amount can make a dramatic change without spending a lot of money.

Another unexpected place the wallpaper is being applied is on the ceiling. This technique draws the eyes up and elevates the room. By adding textured or graphic wallpaper, it sets the tone for the design of the room as well as adds an unexpected pop of print. Another reason designers are bringing wallpaper up is to highlight features that would otherwise go unnoticed. Tray ceilings or different architectural details can really be shown off by applying a great wallpaper to the ceiling.


The last location that 2013 brings wallpaper is on furniture. Sprucing up cabinets, bookshelves, or inside of drawers can add that perfect dab of design that will turn your old piece of furniture to a conversation piece that everyone will want! 

When used sparingly and in the right spot, wallpaper can be the perfect complement to your room!