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Color Your Own Design Judgment


From using too many different colors to not using enough, it’s tricky to keep track of all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing paint for the walls of your home. Chances are, what you think is a rule really isn’t (and visa versa). To help you sort through all this confusion and open yourself up to all the possibilities, here’s a short list of myth-busting thoughts about color selection and coordination.


Myth: To open a room, you must paint your ceiling white.

Fact:  A colored ceiling draws the eye up and makes a room look and feel bigger.


Myth: All dark colors make a room depressing.

Fact: Good window light, as well as lighter colored furniture, flooring and trim add balance to dark colors.


Myth: Pastel colors make a room feel feminine.

Fact: Combining pastels with darker furniture, accent pieces or paint of the same base color can help create a beautiful, gender-neutral room.


Myth: To avoid ‘boring’, every room must be a different color.

Fact: Choosing a coordinating color palette for all your rooms creates a visual flow instead of shock.


Myth: Only use the primary colors of red, blue or yellow in a kid’s room.

Fact: When you use complimenting colors for paint, bedding and wall treatments, there really are no rules for choosing colors in a kid’s room.