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Cool Down Your Home Heating Bill


The colder the climate in your area, the hotter you get about home heating bills. Here is a list of ways to cut those costs that require a minimum of time, expense or sweating:

SUNSHINE: The easiest way to cut heating costs is also the cheapest. Raise window shades and blinds when the sun is out and lower them back down when the sun goes down.

LEAKS: From windows to door frames to electrical outlets, heat can leak from a room in many ways. Before you can eliminate them all, you should perform this test that will help you find them all: Place a piece of toilet paper in front of the suspected area and see if it moves. 

WINDOWS: Insulating windows against heat loss (the biggest heat loss culprit) is fast, easy and cheap using bubble wrap. Just spray the window with a thin coating of water and then place a windowpane-sized sheet of bubble wrap on the glass.

FURNACE: Getting your furnace serviced so it’s running at its maximum efficiency can cut costs. A programmable thermostat can also save money during sleeping hours or when no one is home.

CEILING FAN: Because heat rises, it accumulates at the ceiling. Reversing the rotation of your ceiling fan (find switch at fan base) can push that warm and valuable air back down into the room. 

RADIATOR: To make radiators in your home work more effectively, fit aluminum foil behind the unit so that it reflects more of the heat into the room rather than up the wall.