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Create a Kitchen Design to Bring Millennials Flocking


Make it open, easy, and entertaining, and they will come.

That’s the recipe for what millennials want in their kitchens. Forget closed-off rooms; they want a kitchen that melds seamlessly into the larger living and eating space.

Since the kitchen functions as part of the larger living/entertaining space, millennials want it to share the design aesthetic of the home. While their sensibilities tend towards the modern, they welcome artisanal touches like handcrafted tile backsplashes, and rustic touches such as barn doors to a pantry, a wood-paneled wall, reclaimed wood counters, or open shelves.

The ecologically minded, tech-savvy millennials are looking for durable, hardworking finishes that are renewable or recyclable, and appliances incorporating smart technology.

Austin home designer Janet Hobbs says her millennial clients have a preference for open upper cabinetry and notes that they love their gadgets. “They have a juicer, and a soda stream; they will ask for a pop-up mixer.”

Here are some tips for creating a millennial-friendly kitchen design:

• Create an open kitchen that connects to the eating and living space.

• Mix clean, modern designs with rustic touches to appeal to millennials’sense of nostalgia for their childhood kitchens.

• Allow for customization, especially in terms of storage.

• Include easy-to-clean appliances with matte finishes.

• Consider adding smart technology enabled appliances and functions that can be automated, like shelves that lower to the counter at the touch of a button.

• Make sure there are plenty of outlets and USB ports for charging digital devices.

• Personalize the space with artisanal items.