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Despite what Kermit thinks, we say It’s easy being green.


Well, at least it’s easy being green when it comes to cleaning around your home. These environment and money-saving cleaning products can be made right from the ingredients already sitting inside your kitchen and storage cabinets:

CLEAR AS GLASS: The only thing quicker than how quick this window & glass cleaner cleans is how fast it is to make. In a spray bottle, add 3 teaspoons vinegar to one quart of water and shake it up. And while you’re at it, avoid glass streaking while wiping by using newspaper instead of paper towels.

THIS CLEANER WEARS MANY HATS:‘Soapy’ ammonia is a make-it-yourself alternative to the store brand called ‘Sudsy’ Ammonia. This can be used in many cleaning situations. Just avoid the fumes by making it in a well-ventilated area and protect your eyes and hands. Here are the items you need:

  • Rubber gloves & goggles
  • Ammonia
  • Water
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Spray bottle (12 oz.)

First, the spray bottle 2/3 full of water. Then using a funnel, slowly add 1/3 of a cup of ammonia solution to the water. Add a squirt of dishwashing liquid. Close the bottle tightly and shake gently. Write on the bottle: Danger: Poison. Do not mix with bleach. Keep out of reach of children. Also, in case of emergency, write the phone number for the Poison Control Center: 1-800-222-1222.


AIR ON THE SIDE OF FRESH: For an all-natural air freshener combine the following in a spray bottle and spray away:

  • I teaspoon baking soda
  • I teaspoon vinegar (lemon juice)
  • 2 cups hot water

SOLVE THE CRIME OF GREASE & GRIME: Mix baking soda with liquid soap for a safe and soft, home-made scrub for countertops. The amounts you use of each are up to you.

TATA WITH TARTAR: A safe alternative to bleach for killing germs and removing stains from sinks and tubs, as well as spots from aluminum pans is cream of tartar. You’ll find it in your grocery store.