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Flush that Old Bathroom Design


If you’re tired of how tired your old bathroom is looking, we have a suggestion. Move into a hotel. Well, at least consider creating a ‘hotel bathroom’ experience. That’s just one of the inspiring, remodeling ideas from some design experts who are skilled in waking up sleepy baths.

According to Davia Gallup, owner of Homefront Interior Design in Davenport, Iowa, clients are asking for the ‘hotel experience’, which means “neutral colors and a more luxurious feel with such things as towel warmers, heated floors, and a large shower with benches." 


Tom Kindred, the president and owner of Kindred Kitchens in East Moline, IL agrees that people want more luxury.  “I’ve put many televisions and fireplaces into master baths along with coffee makers.”  And he says that because more and more of his clients want the feeling of a spa, they’re remodeling with big, separate soaking or Jacuzzi tubs. “They want a place to escape, if only for a few minutes."

Danze-Set1-OnAnother ‘spa’ idea that is catching on with designers is door-less showers. In fact, according to the American Institute of Architect's Home Design Trends survey of 2011, clients ranked door-less showers in the top five most popular products. Kindred says that people don’t want to feel closed in anymore with those old, glassed-in showers. "They want to be able to just walk in and turn on all those different showerheads and rain showerheads for a complete experience."

Couples sharing bathroom space who would like their own individual space are choosing double sunken sinks for their master baths. And they each want a mirror to hang over their sink—a mirror with a metal or wood frame so it looks like a picture hanging on the wall.

According to a 2012 survey conducted by the National Kitchen and Bath Association, designers are also adding more polished chrome faucets for their clients. (See our Danze blog entitled “Are You Under the Influence?”).

Now what better way to recycle grandma’s antique dresser than by having it converted into a bathroom sink cabinet? Kindred agrees with the NKBA that this is a growing trend again. "Everyone wants furniture-looking cabinets these days. If you are creative, you can use a lot of different types of furniture as the cabinet."

You can also liven up your bathroom with the countertop you choose. While granite is always a favorite, some other popular design options these days include marble and quartz, as well as glass, wood, laminate, concrete, mosaic tiles, and Corian®.

High tech also enters the bathroom with lights as well as unique features. Gallup talks about seeing some wild, innovative tubs at trade shows that sync up with your iPad’s music so your bath vibrates to your favorite tunes and others that change the color of your bath water for mood lighting.