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For Love or Money, Feng Shui your Home


We all know that successfully balancing love or money in our lives can be tricky at times, to say the least. Enter Feng Shui-- the ancient art of balancing energy. Using Feng Shui in your home is said to attract love or money in your life. Believe it or not, here are some of the ways some people are making it happen:

See Double. Be double. Feng shui and holistic designer Laura Benko believes there is a direct correlation between attracting new love into your life and the way you’ve furnished your rooms. Solitary images of artwork on the wall or a single chair in a corner creates the energy of solitude and singularity. Adding a second chair or photo sends out vibes of partnership and connection.

Empty kitchen. Full wallet. According to feng shui consultant Suzanne Metzger, a clean and organized kitchen has the power to attract money in your life. This includes an organized fridge and pantry, as well as a clutter-free kitchen table and a clean stove with working burners. 

Paint red. See green. Laura Benko says that decorating with mindfulness can enhance the vibration and power of your home. And this can attract prosperity. She suggests that one way to do this is through your choice of colors. For instance, red is said to be auspicious and powerful. Green and purple are also good for helping add positive energy to your financial bottom line.

Improve wedded bliss. Add wedding photos.  Feng shui consultant Ken Lauher offers up the advice that regularly seeing smiling pictures on the walls of you and your family is a good way to keep those good vibrations coming into your home. He also think it’s good to limit photos in the master bedroom to just you and your spouse and not the whole family.