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For Millennials, Showers Reign in the Bathroom


Showers—the bigger, the better—have muscled the tub out to the curb, and other options, like programmable functions in the bath, appeal to this technologically-savvy group.

These functions include ventilation fans that switch on when the humidity reaches a certain level and temperature-controlled showers.

Here are five tips for designing bathrooms to hook the millennial customer:

• Put in as big a shower as possible and forego the tub. "They don't care about a bathtub," says Austin home designer Janet Hobbs, who notes this group of buyers is savvy enough to be concerned about resale value. "In some cases we are designing bathrooms where a tub could be put in later."

• Employ smart technology wherever possible. Programmable lighting—"They are all about LEDs," says Hobbs—is also big.

• Keep the lines simple...and clean. Millennials prefer a modern design aesthetic in the bathroom, with easy-to-care for surfaces, fixtures, and appliances.

• Use eco-friendly materials. This is a generation that really cares about sustainability. According to REALTOR magazine, renewable and reclaimable materials like bamboo and glass rank high, as do low-VOC paints, and adhesives.

• Incorporate plenty of storage. Millennials will compromise on square footage but not flexibility, so tuck in shelves and pull-outs at point-of-use wherever possible.