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Give Your Appliances A Facelift


Do you have appliances that are in great working condition but look like they are on their last leg?  Here is a list of ideas that will update the look of that old appliance without breaking the bank.Fridge

1. If you have a scratched up fridge or a dishwasher that looks like it is ready for the trash heap, you may be able to find replacement panels or inserts from the manufacturer. Give your customer service rep with your appliance's manufacturer a call and ask them if you are able to change out the face of your product. It seems dishwashers are easier to find an insert for, which are more affordable than a cover for your fridge.

2. Removable vinyl decals may be a great option if you can’t find a replacement panel or don’t have the money to order one. You can find the decals in die-cut patterns or you can find them in a single sheet. The sheets come in a variety of textures, finishes, designs and patterns. If you want the look of stainless steel for example, you can find a faux stainless finish that comes by the roll or sheet. If you don’t want to use the sheet, you can always apply the die cut decals in your favorite pattern.

3. Painting your appliance is always an option, although it is a time consuming method. Gone are the days when you could only find an enamel based paint that was hard to apply and smelled terrible! You can find appliance paint as a spray or in a can, with the spray being the easier of the two to apply. If you are trying to cover an appliance that gives off heat, be sure to use a paint that is heat resistant.  As with most painting projects, be sure to thoroughly clean the surface to be painted with mild soap and water. Another piece of advice is to be sure the paint is completely dry before using the appliance.

4. A DIY project in the kitchen that is very popular right now is using chalkboard paint or decals. You can find chalkboard paint wherever paint is sold and you can find chalkboard decals or sheets online or in craft stores.  You can use the chalkboard paint on cabinets, doors, walls or the front of your dishwasher or fridge.  Just like real chalkboards, the paint or stickers with the chalkboard finish can be wiped off or erased.