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Home Therapy


Sometimes it happens while you’re sitting in the living room and for no known reason you start feeling a little blasé. Or the moment you open your front door, you have this sudden, inexplicable sense of dread. Is this a symptom of the flu or the result of that leftover pizza you had at lunch? Or how about some dark unseen force lingering in the shadows? If you ask us, we think it’s the latter. But don’t worry, we’ve got some easy, energy-enhancing solutions that will help brighten your home, as well as disposition.

CLEAR THE DECKS. If the first thing that hits you when you walk into your house is the sight of a messy table or an overly-furnished room, this can have a negative impact on your mind and body. Just ask anyone who practices Feng Shui. The simple solution is to simplify and declutter.

PLANT SOME PLANTS.  Research has shown that plants not only purify the air and breathe life into your home, they help reduce stress. Add some good feelings in a room just by adding some live plants.WarmBrownKitchen

HUE KNEW? Paint shades of yellow, orange, red or brown can add an inviting warmth to a room. Some blue hues can do quite the opposite. In fact, research says that blue can add a chill to the air that can suppress an appetite. If your goal is to encourage shared family meals more than weight loss, we suggest wall paint that’s on the warmer side of the color spectrum.

CHANGE THE CHANNEL. A study found that one of the best ways to diminish a couple’s intimacy is to put a TV in their bedroom. And if that isn’t a reason enough to immediately move the set to another room, consider the fact that viewing the bright screen late at night can have a negative impact on your sleep. 

LIGHTEN UP. If a recessed, overhead pot light is a room’s main source of illumination, you may need more light. This is especially true in the kitchen where you are doing small tasks. The easy solution for creating a brighter and happier space is to add some table lamps or under-the-cabinet task lights.