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How Rich is too Rich to Care About Saving Money


Since you’re still reading this, there’s a good chance that like most of us, you enjoy finding a bargain. This has never been truer than during our latest economic-rollercoaster ride. One of the best ways to score a bargain is by buying something used. Now while you may want to avoid some questionable secondhand finds such as mattresses, car seats and bike helmets, there are plenty of others well worth forgoing the prestige of the ‘new’ price tag. Here are just a few suggestions:

Pull up a chair. If you put a little detective work into it, you can find some amazing secondhand furniture bargains that can save you lots of money. Whether a person has fallen out of love with a newly bought sofa or someone has to move quickly and is eager to lighten their load, many high-quality and ‘like new’ pieces are out there just waiting to be discovered and loved by someone just like you.Chairs-oldNew

Lose weight, not money. Whether you’ve been thinking about starting an exercise regimen with an elliptical machine or a treadmill in your very own basement ‘gym’, don’t spend more than you have to. Many people buy this kind of equipment with good intentions and then never use it more than once or twice. The good news is, they eventually sell this ‘like new’ equipment at a heavily discounted price. Craigslist and thrift shops are two good places to start looking for this healthy bargain.

Beep. Beep.  From a fiscal-responsibility perspective, buying a new car doesn’t make much sense considering the value depreciates the very second you drive off the dealer’s lot. As long as you have an unbiased expert verify a used car’s current condition and you do your homework about the model’s long-term reliability, you can save a lot on the initial cost, as well as the insurance.