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How to Keep a Clean Home Without Really Trying



If you would like a way to keep your home neat and clean all the time without lifting a finger, you could:

  • Hire a butler or a maid
  • Live in your yard
  • Find a neat-freak roommate

Or, you may want to consider some more realistic solutions. They all start with a clean house and then revolve around a central theme:

Get into the habit of doing a little something every day.

  • Start your day with a good feeling by ending your night with a clean kitchen.
  • Get those productive juices flowing in the morning by making your bed as soon as you wake up or before you leave for work.
  • Empty the dishwasher soon after the last cycle so your dishes will be ready when you need them.
  • Do small loads of laundry on a regular basis so you don’t make a mountain out of a molehill of dirty clothes.
  • Put away your clothes at the end of the day so the clothes and your bedroom stay neat and fresh.
  • Use baskets to store specific items like magazines or toys so you’re less likely to let them pile up. 
  • Clean up spills or unwrapped packages immediately so you don’t create a mess monster.
  • Make the most of your time cooking by emptying the dishwasher or making the grocery list while waiting for things like the water to boil or the cake to bake.
  • Choose your next day’s wardrobe the evening before so you can hit the ground running in the morning.