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How to Snoop on Your Neighbor’s Remodeling Bill

Come on, admit it. Your neighbor just had their bathroom or kitchen remodeled and you’re dying to find out how much they spent. Of course it has nothing to do with you being nosey. You just want to get a feel for what you can expect to pay when you finally tackle your own remodeling project. Right? Right.

NoseyNeighborOne way to get some good intel on their budget is to track down the contractors who were working on the job and bribe them to spill their guts. Another suggestion is to wait until dark and then sift through the neighbor’s garbage to find any discarded project estimates and receipts. A less strenuous and smelly alternative to this idea is to just ask. But then you risk getting a dirty look at worst or an inaccurate figure at best.

Fortunately, has a much easier option that will give your inquisitive mind total anonymity while getting you a fairly accurate estimate of what your neighbor’s granite counter top, double sink and six-burner stove really cost. It’s called the Real Cost Finder.  And it is the result of the largest survey of its kind ever conducted.

According to Founder and CEO Adi Tatarko during an interview on CNBC, “People contributed everything they could about every single room in the house and outside the house area too. (So) you can actually search for specific rooms and get the exact information from your neighbors."

“We are not pointing at specific people. We are giving you averages from the modest budget to the top spending. But the fact that it’s in your neighborhood and is actually specifying the product for every single room, it allows you to plan better. Actually, the number one thing we heard from homeowners is that it’s so difficult to set and stay on a budget. 41% of people who took our survey complained about it…So we wanted to empower people to plan better.”

Still have that burning desire to find out what the neighbors paid to redo their bathroom? Well, now you can just forget about that camouflage outfit and night vision goggles. And just click here.