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How Rich is too Rich to Care About Saving Money

Since you’re still reading this, there’s a good chance that like most of us, you enjoy finding a bargain... Read More


Home Therapy

Sometimes it happens while you’re sitting in the living room and for no known reason you start feeling a little blasé... Read More


Two Spaces Under One Roof

There are currently more than 5 million multigenerational homes in the U.S. Experts say this number is only going to increase... Read More


Is Your Home Out of Order?

If you’ve ever watched one of those ‘hoarder’ reality-TV shows where people collect their ‘stuff’ until there’s no room in their home to walk... Read More


Unplugging Your Master Bedroom

You would think that with the bombardment of stimuli people experience every day, the one place they would come for peace and quiet is their bedroom... Read More


Evading the Inevitable

What’s one of the biggest reasons people sour on their home sweet home... Read More


Color Your Own Design Judgment

From using too many different colors to not using enough, it’s tricky to keep track of all the do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing paint... Read More


Space- The Final Frontier

Got a large mountain of bath and hand towels precariously balanced atop the radiator? Or maybe a leaning tower of toilet paper rolls... Read More


What Tops Granite Countertops?

For a long time now, homebuilders have made granite countertops a standard option for American homebuyers. And for good reason... Read More


Make or Break Your Home Sale

Everyone knows that when it comes time to selling your home, it’s important to make it look as attractive as possible... Read More


A Gift That Will Never Run Out of Gas

For several years now, the upscale car company Lexus has been running a TV campaign that encourages viewers... Read More


It Takes Nothing to be Creative

If you’re an interior designer or just someone whose business depends on coming up with new ideas every now and then, being creative is a must... Read More


Craft Your Kitchen

Add some personal touches to your kitchen! There are a ton of cute craft projects that are as functional as they are fun to make... Read More