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Is Your Home Out of Order?


If you’ve ever watched one of those ‘hoarder’ reality-TV shows where people collect their ‘stuff’ until there’s no room in their home to walk, you’ve probably thought, ‘Hey, that could never happen to me. I’m too clean and organized’. But the truth is, even the most home-organized people can make mistakes that result in a room feeling clean but messy. Here are a few examples and ways to fix them:

ClutterCUT NOW. BUY LATER: Professional organizer Vanessa Hayes believes some people are confused when it comes to organizing their spaces. They buy organizing products first thinking this “will solve their clutter nightmares.” SOLUTION: De-clutter or ‘edit’ your stuff first and then buy organizing products for what is left.

DISCOVER HIDDEN MESSAGES: When the plethora of kid’s drawings, colorful magnets, and business cards make your refrigerator look like an explosion at a confetti factory, it can become easy for your family to miss important notes or messages. SOLUTION: Create a family message center by hanging a bulletin board where everyone knows to look.

TO PILE OR NOT TO PILE: According to professional organizer Linda Rothschild, having neat piles of stuff doesn’t mean you’re organized. Having no piles of stuff does.  SOLUTION: When you notice that flat surfaces are getting more and more cluttered, that’s the time to pick a place where you can put new things entering the home. Eventually, those old, familiar piles will become just distant memories.

BOOK SOME SPACE: Just because you have room on your bookshelf, doesn’t mean you have to use it all for books. At least that’s the opinion of professional organizer Nancy Heller. SOLUTION: Don’t use more than 80% of the room for books. Save space for some of your decorative accessories.