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Make or Break Your Home Sale


Everyone knows that when it comes time to selling your home, it’s important to make it look as attractive as possible. What many people don’t know is that what you do or don’t do to spruce up the bathroom can literally turn a prospective buyer on or off. 

As with all pre-sale renovations in the bath, the challenge is to figure out which are necessary, which will help expedite the sale, and which will ultimately deliver a good return on the investment. Here are several surprisingly simple and cheap ideas:

Cleanliness: The first idea is just common sense. Before someone comes over and checks out the room where they will spend a large amount of their time if they buy, it’s a good idea to make your bathroom spotless. This includes those places you don’t think anyone will notice.

Storage: You can expect the prospective buyer to be looking at how many storage options are available in the bath. Visiting a home organizing store is a quick and inexpensive way to solve this possible deficiency.

Stay Neutral: By not overwhelming buyers with dramatic color palettes, you make it easier for them to envision their own day-to-day lives. In addition to freshening up the door, the trim and cabinetry with some white paint, painting the walls with a pale and soothing green or blue will add to the room’s scale and serenity.


Light Up: Transform the look and feel of the whole room just by replacing existing fixtures with new ‘energy-efficient’ lighting. This can help show off the bathroom’s best features and add decorative accents. Consider lighting for the vanity, over the shower, and overhead for general illumination. For a more natural look, a skylight or glass-block window may pay handsome dividends when selling.

Green: Today, more and more people are thinking green. So if you’re planning on enhancing the look of the bath with energy-efficient upgrades, make sure you include this information in your home listings and open house collateral. In other words, if you’ve installed a WaterSense-labeled toilet or a ‘smart’ showerhead, don’t be bashful about letting everyone know.

Bottoms Up: Because most bath and powder rooms don’t have a very large footprint, a new floor can also be a very impactful and cost-effective improvement. With a myriad of beautiful styles and materials including a large variety of do-it-yourself options, this can be a quick and affordable way to help close that home sale sooner than later.