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No Window For Light? No Problem.



If you have a garage, basement or an attic with no windows, the obvious way to add some light is turn on the light. Here are some less obvious ways to brighten that space without knocking a hole in the wall.


MADE IN THE SHADE: A light paint color or ashade of white paint for the walls and ceiling can do a lot to impact a room’s ‘lightness’. You can also add some texture with a satin, semi-gloss or high-gloss. 


MIRROR, MIRROR: Positioned to reflect the most available light, mirrors can not only brighten but also add to the room’s feeling of size and openness.


GOOD REFLECTION ON YOU: The reflection of light on metallic-framed pictures mounted on the walls can help add light, while also adding interest to a wall.


SEE-THROUGH DOOR: Open up a room while adding light from a nearby hall or room by replacing your solid door with a glass door. If privacy is an issue, obscured privacy glass is the answer.


LIGHTER FURNITURE: Enhance your room with a fresh, airy feeling by using light-colored furniture.


SWITCH IT ON: Even with a light fixture hanging from the ceiling, the counter spaces in a windowless kitchen can be dark and filled with shadows. Fill that space with light from under-cabinet lighting. Home supply stores offer a variety of options including ones that are self-sticking and operate on batteries.