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Open Your Kitchen for Business


Along with the rebound of the American housing market, there has come resurgence in home redecorating and remodeling. No surprise that this is especially true in one of our favorite rooms—the kitchen. After all, redoing a kitchen is one of those few investments that offer the combination of a relatively high payback on investment together with enhanced family enjoyment.


Here are some thoughts before you pull that kitchen remodeling trigger:

Creating open kitchens where there are more activities than just the usual cooking and eating is gaining in popularity. From building a bar for entertaining to a desk for doing homework and paying bills, the options are endless. On the other hand, if a kitchen space isn’t really big enough to accommodate extra activities or if it’s poorly planned, the result can be chaotic, to say the least.

While having fewer walls and cabinets in your kitchen is a great way to open things up, it also means less storage space. One solution for this is to create an island that is sized proportionally to the size of your kitchen. This will provide more work surfaces, as well as offer more potential seating, drawers, and shelves.

Another way to add more room to your kitchen for family fun and business comes from an idea that is centuries old—the pantry. Just think of it, if you’ve got the room to build a separate pantry, you never again have to worry about cluttering up your kitchen with all your rarely used small appliances or all those bargain bulk-purchases from your favorite warehouse club.