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Put Your Kitchen on a Diet


Renowned architect Mies van der Rohe is credited for having coined the phrase “less is more.” One look at his minimalist building exterior and interior designs and you’ll immediately understand how using fewer elements can produce a bigger effect.


Now if you think this uncluttered thinking might be a good idea inside your cluttered kitchen, we’ve got a few easy suggestions that will help you quickly shed pounds from your cabinets while you gain inches on your countertops:

Reduce Instantly: Go through all your kitchen drawers and cabinets and remove all duplicate or rarely used measuring cups, knives, can openers, pots and pans, cookie sheets… Donate what you find to a local charity’s resale shop.

Eliminate Food: While you’ve got your cabinets open, you might as well throw away all those expired canned goods and boxed foods, nearly-empty condiments bottles, and past-their-prime spices that have been pushed to the back. 

Counter-Intelligence: To gain a whole lot of space on your countertops without a whole lot of effort, check if there are any small appliances or gadgets or decorations that are wasting good cutting, slicing and mixing space. If it’s never or hardly ever been used, add it to your growing pile of charity resale shop donations. If it’s something you use only during your once or twice a year holiday cooking marathons, then redeploy it to one of those newly spacious cabinets that you’ve just freed up.

This is just the start. You probably already know of some things you’ve been contemplating eliminating for a long time such as that never really needed hot dog warmer or that long ago abandoned bread maker. Whatever you get rid of, you and your kitchen will look and feel better while you barely break a sweat. Mies would be so proud of you.