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Rating your Decorating


Have you ever second-guessed any of your past home decorating ideas? Did they look better on paper than in practice? And what about your ideas for the future? Are you feeling a little apprehensive because things didn’t turn out so well last time? Well, if you’re thinking about a new project, this list of redesign no-no’s should help you from experiencing any more redecorating regrets. 


Photos: When it comes to your personal photographs and design, the common designer wisdom is ‘the fewer the better’. Choose a select few to display and then place the rest in a photo album that you can share if requested.

Cables: An octopus of unruly TV cables and computer wires left to dangle and hang out can spoil an otherwise orderly and stylish room environment. Some ideas for hiding them includes stapling them to the back of baseboards and furniture, as well as covering them with a cord cover that matches the color of your walls.

Ill-fitting Furniture: Just because you like how a piece furniture fits in the showroom doesn’t mean it’s the right size for your living room. It’s a good idea to measure out a floor plan of your room before you go furniture shopping. And while you’re at it, don’t try to fill up all the space in the room.

Forget the Fakes: Artificial flowers and plants are more dust magnets than complement collectors. They add no life or energy to a room. Cost-effective alternatives might include bamboo stalks, bowls of fruit, and dried plants. 

Clutter: Disorganization and clutter are two great ways to detract from the look and feel of a room. Periodically go through and pick out the accumulated items that you don’t like anymore or that are out of style. Using bookcases and storage baskets are good ways to store things you aren’t ready to discard. And if you are ready, consider donating them.