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Redefining Your Dining Room


shutterstock_128726141If you have a formal dining room, here’s a question worth pondering: How often do you dine there? 100 times a year? 10 times a year? 0 times a year? If your answer is closer to zero than it is to a hundred or if the only time you really use the room is to pass through it on the way to another room, you may want to consider repurposing it. Just because you were told it was the dining room when you first bought the house, there is no law that says you can’t change its name and its purpose that delivers more usage and enjoyment.


For instance, if you already use the dining room table to pay bills once a month, why not fully commit and turn the room into your office where you can also do other kinds of other work and creative endeavors. Just add some inexpensive storage containers, some book shelves plus a few personal touches like pictures and mementos, and voila— your own home office.


Now despite the growing popularity of eBooks, most every homeowner has a collection (pile) of physical books. So why not turn your dining room into a library with bookshelves and a table and a comfy chair where you can lounge and read. This could also be part of your office (see above).



Switching gears, ever think how nice it would be to invite Aunt Agnes and Uncle Frank to stay for a week (or weekend) but you don’t have any place for them to sleep? Now you can change all that if you turn your dining room into a guest room. And if you add a Murphy bed that folds up out of the way when no one is sleeping there, you can use the room as your office or library or even a dining room. How’s that for irony?


A few other repurposing ideas include: kids or family game room or entertainment center or a nursery… Yes, the ideas for making the least-used room in your home one of the most-used are endless.