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Rejuvenate your Bathroom


Opulence_Shot_4-T1Over time bathrooms tend to become dull and worn, but outside of the usual scrubbing and polishing, there are a couple ways you can freshen up your space without spending a ton of money. With it being one of the smallest rooms in the house, often times bringing it to life can be a little more difficult due to the lack of space.

One of the easiest ways to update this room is to replace the shower curtain. Bringing in a bold pattern or a great textured fabric can really enhance your bathroom. If a new curtain isn’t in your budget, just throw your current one in the washer, this can make the curtain look and feel new!

Another easy way to update the bathroom is removing clutter. Keeping everything clean and organized can make any bathroom feel more relaxing. A beautiful tray on the counter to hold your lotions and hand soaps or a basket for your towels are great examples of using sensible accessories to organize your space.

Using unique pieces is a great way to bring your space to a new level. An unusual mirror can transform your room. Also if you are looking for a new vanity, take a look outside of the box at some antique buffets or dressers. This will add a vintage touch while keeping your bathroom functional. A quick coat of paint can keep it fresh while maintaining that one-of-a- kind feel.

One last great way to give your bathroom a facelift is replacing your fixtures. A new faucet or showerhead can transform your space not only visually, but also improve your experience. Consider your finish, for instance chrome is timeless, but can also be very modern, while a finish such as tumbled bronze will add a traditional touch! Make sure to coordinate the finish throughout the accessories such as your toilet paper holder and robe hook as well to keep your room uniform.

Small changes make a big difference, so there is no need to spend a lot of money to recharge your room.