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Remodeling Your Relationship


Remember when you first set out to do some remodeling or redecorating in your home? You knew from the get-go that you would be personally experiencing a certain amount of emotional strain and financial stress. And remember? You were so excited about the new and beautiful changes to come, you allowed your optimism to overrule your commonsense concluding that the impact on your life and your wallet would be minimal.  

But in all your fervor to improve the look of your house, did you ever stop and consider what the impact of remodeling or rebuilding would be on your relationship with your significant other (S.O.)? The home remodeling and design site is exploring exactly that question in a new survey it is now conducting. Here are just a few of the areas they cover:Remodel

  • During remodeling, was the experience with your S.O. fun, painful, frustrating or collaborative?
  • Name the biggest challenges: merging different styles; getting your S.O. involved; making decisions; getting your S.O. to stick to a budget
  • What decorative items in your home won’t your S.O. let you get rid of?
  • Did you make a big remodeling decision without telling your S.O.?
  • Did you consider separating or divorcing during the remodeling?
  • How has the redecorating experience helped your relationship?

Want to add your two cents? You’ll find the complete survey at: