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Removing The Ghosts From Dinners Past

If you cooked up a yummy spaghetti dinner that your family loved, they’ll probably be happy to enjoy leftovers the next day. But if some of that basil and tomato sauce burned on the bottom of the pan, that’s a leftover you can live without. Here are some ideas for cleaning those scorched and burnt pots and pans:


For cleaning stainless or enamel, heat the pan on high until a drop of water bubbles and instantly evaporates. Now pour in a cup water at room temperature and wait for the cloud of steam to die down. Then use a wooden spoon or spatula and scrap the burnt-on food using some good old elbow grease. (NOTE: This technique in not suggested for non-stick pots or pans.)

An alternative to this is to fill the pesky pan with hot water and liquid detergent. Let it soak for a few hours and then use a ‘scrubbie’ and some muscle to clean away the burnt food.

Here’s another idea just in case these first two are making you think those burnt pans are a lost cause: 

Add a squirt of liquid detergent to a pot full of water and simmer it for around twenty minutes. When the pot has cooled down about twenty minutes later, use a ‘scrubbie’ or wooden spatula to scrape away the scorched or baked-on food.