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Summer Kitchen Updates


When designing kitchens in the past, one of the biggest trends was to create a fluid work pattern through a triangle. In the triangle design method, the refrigerator, range and sink were placed 4 to 9 feet apart, forming a rough equilateral triangle. With kitchens opening up, more appliances being placed, and more “cooks in the kitchen”, a new trend has become more efficient, work zones.

Although the idea of having your main work stations being closer together still makes sense, there are a few things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen layout to make your “work zones” make sense.

Group appliances and stations according to their use. More than likely you want your main sink to be near your dishwasher, this makes the natural work pattern of rinsing dishes and placing them into the dishwasher a breeze. Another consideration is providing enough counter space next to the oven or stove. This allows for a place to set hot items once they are taken out or off the appliance. Last, keep your refrigerator centrally located. Whether you are washing vegetables or grabbing an ingredient you don’t want to have to walk to the opposite end of the kitchen while prepping.


Store what you need where you need it most. This seems to be a no brainer, but if you have a specific place where baking is easiest, place your baking items in the cabinets near this area. This will allow for multiple people in the kitchen and their work space will not overlap as much. When choosing where to store things, think about what you will need and where you will need it, it will require less steps for you to make when in the kitchen.

Multiply your faucets! The last big tip that is huge in work zones is your faucets. Your main faucet should be near your dishwasher, but more and more we are seeing multiple faucets throughout the kitchen. One of these is a pot filler. This is great to fill your large pots on the stove and not have to carry a full pot from your sink to your range. One more faucet that is great for the kitchen is a convenience faucet. With islands breaking up the open area, a smaller faucet can be great for prepping.

By creating “work zones” over the triangle, this will open up your kitchen to allow for great work flow. This also will help for multiple cooks to be working in different areas of the kitchen. Overall this type of design method will make your kitchen more efficient while also embracing an open layout!