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Ring in the New & Ring Out the Old (Home Design Trends)


Just when you thought you were ahead of the curve for knowing the latest home design trends, they change the curve. But before sharing an updated road map that details what ‘they’ say is in and out, we thought you should know who ‘they’ are.


In this case, ‘they’ is a report that combines survey responses from leading interior design experts with an analysis of the most popular photos on Zillow Digs. According to Zillow Digs design expert Kerrie Kelly, 2015 trends will replace “the bright jewel tones and overused chevron and ikat patterns” that were popular in 2014 with a more sophisticated look that includes natural textures, gold hardware, and “a subtle mid-century modern undertone.”

IN: MID-CENTURY MODERN ELEMENTS: From architecture to furniture, mid-century modern elements will be an important design style for 2015. Homeowners are advised by designers to use this trend sparingly and not to let it “take over the house.”

OUT: CHEVRON PRINT: Whether it was showing up in the home or in fashion, the zigzag pattern was seen everywhere in 2014. No more.

D401557PBV-updatedsprayIN: GOLD FIXTURES: A blast from the past, this retro hardware color will now have a modern bright gold look with a sleek finish. Homeowners are encouraged to go all gold or mix and match with silver or stainless steel fixtures.

OUT: BRIGHT COLORS: Saturated colors like coral, purple and teal are “fun…but not built to last.”

IN: COWHIDE: Lasso a ‘modern, approachable’ design aesthetic for 2015 with a cowhide accent texture. Some ideas include: cowhide rugs, artwork, pillows and throw blankets.

OUT: MATCHING FURNITURE: Many design experts agree that instead of matching wood furniture, the look is now more ‘eclectic’ with a mix of era decors.

IN: WALLPAPER: From digital prints to textured wall coverings, wallpaper is trending strongly for 2015.

OUT: SOLID PAINTED ACCENT WALLS: In 2015, accent walls that were painted in solid colors like red are being replaced with wallpaper and textured wall coverings.