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Save Hard Cash on Kitchen Tools at the Hardware Store



Which came first? The paintbrush or the pastry brush? If the same basic tool at the hardware store is cheaper than the version at a cooking store, who cares? Here are five more cost-saving ideas you’ll find sandwiched between the hardware store aisles of screws, hammers, and saws.


TIE A STRING AROUND YOUR FINGER: And don’t forget that the kitchen twine you use to tie up herbs or secure roasting chickens is really no different than the 100% natural cotton twine handymen use on the job.

A HOT IDEA: If adding a bubbling, browned finish to the top of your crème brûlée is part of your cooking regimen, you’ll get more flame for your buck if you buy a professional soldering torch at the hardware store instead of a kitchen torch at the cooking store.

SHEAR GENIUS: A smaller version of the shears landscapers use for cutting, clipping and rimming branches is great for cutting fruit, chicken and vegetables.

GET INTO A GOOD SCRAPE: If you’ve ever smoothed out wall spackle with a palette knife, you’ve probably already thought how it would also make a great kitchen spatula replacement.

MORE BANG FOR YOUR BEEF: Just because it’s usually found on construction sites to bang on wood and metal, doesn’t mean those giant rubber mallets can’t replace the usual kitchen meat tenderizer.