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Save Water, Save Money!


Of the 70% of water that covers the surface of our Earth, only a very small portion of that (less than 1%) is suitable for drinking. If that information isn’t enough for you to want to make a change, take a look at your water bill!

Here are 12 ways you can save water around your home by making small changes:

  1. SavingWaterGet a Free Leak Check Up: In some communities, a water utility rep will check buildings for hidden water leaks and leaking pipes free of charge.
  2. Use a low-flow showerhead: You don’t have to compromise on pressure, only on water and it can save you big!
  3. Change out your toilet: Toilets have come a long way and you can save money each flush by switching out your toilet for a high-efficiency one!
  4. Throw, Don't Flush: Don’t flush anything in the toilet that can go in the trashcan, each flush can use from 1 to 3 gallons of water!
  5. Keep Drinking Water in the Fridge: This means wasting less water (and time) waiting for the tap to cool down.
  6. Avoid Permanent Press: Some older washing machines have a permanent press cycle (which uses an extra rinse cycle), try avoid using this option.
  7. Water Houseplants with Ice Cubes: Because ice cubes absorb slowly, excess water won’t run out of the container.
  8. Reuse Old Water: Get in the habit of never throwing water away. For example, an unused cup of water on the nightstand can be used to water a houseplant.
  9. Capture Warm-Up Water: While waiting for the hot water to reach the tap, place a bowl or bucket under the faucet to capture warm-up water. This can be used to rinse dishes, wash veggies or water the garden.
  10. Shower instead of bathe: did you know it takes 40-50 gallons of water to take a bath compared to around15 when taking a shower under 15 minutes with a low flow showerhead!
  11. Water your plants at dusk: When the sun is beating down, it is not the best time to water your yard or plants, the water evaporates much more quickly which in turn causes you to need to water more frequently.
  12. Monitor Water Bills: Investigate any peak in consumption and find out how to reduce! It is easy to find a leak if there is a large difference!

By making small changes and paying attention to how you are using water you can make a difference and also save some cash by default!