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Some Like It Hot



When it comes to showers, most people prefer a moderate water temperature. There are surprising benefits for your body and skin however, when you turn the temperature up and take a hot* shower.


1.  Cleaner Skinsomelikeithot_image_steam

In the course of an average day, the average person comes across thousands of toxins, irritants, and dirt particles that lodge and embed under the skin. These pollutants can clog pores and gunk up your complexion. 

A hot shower triggers pores to open and gives your body the chance to release some of those toxins, which are eliminated through the skin, leaving a healthier complexion.


2. Hot Showers are Relaxing

Long day at work?  Stressful day at home or school?  Studies have shown that taking a hot shower can rev up oxytocin1 levels and ease anxiety.  Plus, hot showers can alleviate tightness and soothe stiff muscles. If you have a powerful Danze® showerhead, even better!  Let the hot water work like a personal masseuse on your shoulders, neck, and back.


3.  Hot Showers Can Relieve Cold Symptoms

Steam from a hot shower can act as a natural decongestant to relieve a stuffed-up nose.  A hot shower can also loosen phlegm and get rid of mucus that could be causing a cough or sore throat.


4.  Skip the Sheep

A hot shower can help you with insomnia.  A natural sedative, taking a hot shower for 10 minutes before bed can calm your body and mind and put you in the mood for sleep.  Try adding lavender oil, a natural relaxation herb.



Looking for the perfect way to take that hot shower? A Danze D460029 Surge™ five function showerhead is a great way to get wet - so grab a fluffy towel and feel the heat!


*A hot shower is defined as having a water temperature between 96 to 105 degrees