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Space-The Final Frontier


While all card-carrying Trekkies will recognize the above title as part of the opening for their favorite TV and movie franchise “Star Trek,” all people who own or rent older homes and apartments are familiar with this reference to space exploration for a whole different reason. For them, this is a sore reminder of their ongoing quest to find more space for storage in their cramped bathroom.

Got a large mountain of bath and hand towels precariously balanced atop the radiator? Or maybe a leaning tower of toilet paper rolls teetering on the edge of your toilet tank? Well, here are a few affordable space-discovering ideas that will take considerably less effort than learning “Star Trek” languages like Vulcan or Farengi.

small_bathroom)If you have a pedestal sink with no room for storage, buy or make a sink skirt that you can attach to the sink with hook and loop tape. Then you can store things on the floor behind the skirt, while gaining a nice design element for the room.

Depending on the configuration of the room, you should be able to add some shelving without even making a single hole in the wall. This might include shelving that rests on the floor or shelving that sits atop the toilet tank.

If you can make a few holes in the wall, you can attach shelving anywhere in the room that makes sense. This includes hanging a paper towel dispenser that comes with a shelf near the sink. This added area would be good for placing toiletries like lotions, toothpaste and deodorant. And for more seldom used items, you can even mount a shelf above the door.

Got an old, unused CD rack gathering dust?  Decorate it to fit the room’s décor and then turn it on its side near the sink. The open storage sections are the perfect size for a variety of bathroom items like towels and toiletries.

Another place to go exploring is at a home improvement or home organizing store. Here you will unearth a whole other world of inspiring and affordable ideas for conquering what is truly your final frontier—bathroom space.