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Test Drive Your New Home Before You Buy It



You wouldn’t buy a new or used car without first taking it for a spin around the block, right? Then why in the world would you risk buying a new house without first trying it out too?

Well, that’s the thinking of some American condo and resort home listing agents, developers and homeowners. And considering the fiercely competitive housing market and the fact that a new house costs much, much more than a new car, it’s not surprising that this is a growing trend that is gaining traction. 

The ideas for ‘home test drives’ can vary greatly. For instance, one couple wanting to get a feel for the neighbors was invited to spend an afternoon at a pool party where they met other families on the block.

Some other uncertain buyers were able to relax and enjoy eating dinner in their potential new home’s kitchen. And at some residential resorts, families have the opportunity to get a feel for the home by staying overnight. Though this may include some kind of rental fee, it seems a small price to pay for the added comfort of knowing that what may be one of the largest purchases of your life, is also one of the smartest.