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The Most Wasted Room in the House



Does your home have a basement? Good for you. Do you only use it when you need to store something, wash clothes or check the furnace? Shame on you. Because there are lots of ways you can add to the functionality and pure enjoyment of your home just by repurposing all or part of your basement. While you can hire a professional to design and build the space for you, here are a few more immediate and cost-effective ways to get this happening sooner than later:


FUN ROOM: From card and board games to pool, ping pong and video games, the basement has the potential to be the fun headquarters for the whole family. Get the ball rolling by making it a family project to plan, clean and organize the basement.


LET’S WORK IT OUT: If you’ve ever put off working out because the weather was bad or the gym is too expensive or you’re feeling too lazy to get to the park, the answer may be sitting right under your nose. Or more precisely, under your feet in the basement. Whether you buy a treadmill or a few weights or just an exercise mat, there are hundreds of ways you can create your own workout palace.


GET DOWN TO BUSINESS: Whether you need some quiet or private space to pay your bills or plan your future or talk to clients, the possibilities for an office in your basement are endless. A table and a chair are all you need to start. Add some book shelves and a screen to separate it from the rest of the basement and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of this before. Actually, this could be a great money-saving alternative to the office space you’re renting outside your home right now.


OVERNIGHT GUESTS: If you’ve not invited friends to stay over because you didn’t have the space or you did and they had to stay on the not-so-private pullout in the living room, a guest bedroom in the basement could be the answer. Just partition or screen off an area. Add a futon or pullout sofa and a nightstand. Throw in a bookcase with some homey knickknacks. Can you say B & B?