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Tips to Become a Savvy Water Saver

  1. Get a Leak Check Up: Inspect your faucets, toilets and pipes for money wasting leaks and drips. In some communities, a water utility rep will check buildings for hidden water leaks and leaking pipes free of charge.

  2. Throw, Don't Flush: Don’t flush anything in the toilet that can go in the trashcan.

  3. Keep Drinking Water in the Fridge: This means wasting less water (and time) waiting for the tap to cool down.

  4. Avoid Permanent Press: Some older washing machines have a permanent press cycle (which uses an extra rinse cycle).

  5. Water Houseplants with Ice Cubes: Because ice cubes absorb slowly, excess water won’t run out of the container.

  6. Reuse Old Water: Get in the habit of never throwing water away. For example, an unused cup of water on the nightstand can be used to water a houseplant

  7. Capture Warm-Up Water: While waiting for the hot water to reach the tap, place a bowl or bucket under the faucet to capture warm-up water. This can be used to rinse dishes, wash veggies or water the garden.

  8. Mow Grass Less Often and Cut it Longer: Taller grass means less water evaporation.

  9. Favor the Car Wash over DIY: Most car washes capture, clean and reuse the water.

  10. Monitor Water Bills: Investigate any peak in consumption.