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Treating Home Insecurity

When you and your family are home, there is less of a chance burglars will target your home compared to when you are away. What can you do to discourage a break-in? Elli Bishop, home security expert and head of outreach for home security and safety resource site has some surprising ideas.

shutterstock_125882543Lose your key: About 20% of all burglars pick the lock of the home to get inside. For just about $100, you can buy a keyless deadbolt lock that can be reprogramed whenever you choose. This is especially helpful if you regularly rent out your vacation or rental property.

Turn off the porch lights and timers. Porch lights that stay on day and night and timers that turn on house lights at the same time every night are like a beacon for burglars that nobody’s home. An inexpensive and effective alternative, Bishop suggests, is to buy the Belkin WeMo Light Switch (about $40) that lets you use your phone to turn a light on and off whenever you want via your phone.

Get a trim: Eliminate hiding places for burglars by keeping your outside shrubbery trimmed and pruned.Adding lighting with motion detectors is also a good way to discourage intruders.

Give three woofs for Fido: According to a study by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, given the choice to break into a home that has a barking dog and one that does not, most burglars prefer peace and quiet. And if the dog is small but yaps a lot, that may even be better.

Sign up: That same study also discovered that if you have an alarm system, 90% of convicted burglars will avoid your home if they know you have one. So make sure you post signs around your property that signal that fact to one and all. And even if you don’t have one, you can still put up fake signs as long as you choose one from a company that is still in business.

Be anti-social:Avoid announcing to the world through your social media that you will be leaving your home unattended for any period of time. As the news headlines repeatedly remind us, you never know who’s watching.