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Design Trends


bathroomfaucet_blog_imageStaples of Millennial Design – 3 Current Trends that are Here to Stay

From classic charm to urban contemporary, every homeowner cultivates a unique style that’s all their own...Read More

bathroomfaucet_blog_imageCreate a Kitchen Design to Bring Millennials Flocking

Make it open, easy, and entertaining, and they will come...Read More

bathroomfaucet_blog_imageFor Millennials, Showers Reign in the Bathroom

Showers—the bigger, the better—have muscled the tub out to the curb, and other options...Read More

bathroomfaucet_blog_imageMillennials Want Homes That Adapt to Their Needs

Millennials are used to sharing—often living with parents and roommates to save money...Read More

bathroomfaucet_blog_imageTest Your Knowledge of the American Dream Home

Ever wonder how your vision of the American dream home compares with those of other people?...Read More

bathroomfaucet_blog_imageAdventures in Style - Choosing a Bathroom Faucet

For a quick bathroom makeover, nothing beats a new faucet. Available in an impressive range of shapes, sizes and finishes... Read More

ringinthenew_blog_iconRing in the New & Ring Out the Old

Just when you thought you were ahead of the curve for knowing the latest home design trends, they change the curve... Read More


Change Your Finish

When you think of trends, the first thing that pops into your mind probably isn’t kitchen... Read More


For Love or Money, Feng Shui Your Home

We all know that successfully balancing love or money in our lives can be tricky at times, to say the least. Enter Feng Shui... Read More


Rerouting Your Kitchen Design

With kitchens opening up, more appliances being placed, and more “cooks in the kitchen”, a new trend has become more efficient, work zones... Read More


Agape for Grape

When you were just a little toddler, if you ever finger-painted a freeform mural of purple jelly across the kitchen wall, you’ll be happy to learn that your parents were wrong... Read More


Oak Isn't so Okeydokey Anymore

Traditional materials such as oak are losing ground to more exotic options, take a look at what's in and what's out... Read More


Open Your Kitchen for Business

Along with the rebound of the American housing market, there has come resurgence in home redecorating and remodeling... Read More


Vintage Bathroom with a Modern Touch

One of the hottest trends right now is bringing together the vintage and modern look in home design... Read More


White is the New White

Anyone who says that the color white is out of style is out of touch with the interior designer mindset of what’s hot and what’s not... Read More


Bring Wallpaper to a New Dimension

Wallpaper was a huge design trend in the 1980s. Recently, we have seen wallpaper come to life, but in a different way... Read More


Bathroom Tub and Shower Trends

While floor plans, decor and material choices all vary greatly in bathroom design, one thing is for sure... Read More


What’s In and What’s Out in Kitchen Remodeling

From what people love and hate about their kitchens to the lessons learned during kitchen makeovers, here is some of what they learned... Read More


Flush that Old Bathroom Design

If you’re tired of how tired your old bathroom is looking, we have a suggestion. Move into a hotel... Read More


Are You Under the Influence?

If you are a regular watcher of kitchen and bath design trends, you probably already know that several years ago polished chrome lost its sheen... Read More


Give Your Kitchen a Summer Makeover

Everyone knows the phrase, but why not the kitchen sink? Although this expression is just a visual gag, let’s focus on the sink... Read More


Color Me Gray

With the bathroom being such an important part of the home, its design is just as important as any other room... Read More


Water Through the Bridge... Faucet

The bridge faucet has made a comeback and we think it's better than ever... Read More


Save Green by Going Green

Being environmentally friendly is easier than ever as people are becoming more cautious of their carbon footprint... Read More


Experts Insights on Kitchen & Bath Trends

Danze recently played reporter and talked to some of the most informed people in the industry about kitchen/bath trends... Read More


A New Kitchen- Renew or Redo

Upgrading the kitchen is on many homeowners’ “to do” list. And for good reason. A minor kitchen remodel ranks fourth... Read More