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Unplugging Your Master Bedroom


You would think that with the bombardment of stimuli people experience every day, the one place they would come for peace and quiet is their bedroom. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Besides sleep and clothing storage, people have fallen into the habit of using their bedrooms for a myriad of other purposes including: home office, meal eating, TV watching, bill paying, video game playing, answering emails…


So now, if you’re thinking that is enough and enough and it’s time to go back to bedroom basics, this stimulating list of ideas should help you begin to find the rest you seek:

Create calm: Choosing the right wall colors can have a big effect on the room’s ambience. Of course, each individual has their own idea of what colors ‘sooth the savage beast’. Some feel more relaxed with a mixed palette of ivory and white. While others feel better surrounded by navy blues and black-brown tones.

Be bold: You can still let your bold self shine through with colors and patterns. The key here for conquering the chaos is to be consistent by employing single patterns around the room. This might include the same fabric for the bedspread and curtains.

Pull the plug: If having the TV, the computer or your smart phone in the bedroom is starting to rub you the wrong way, you should probably listen to yourself and move everything to another room. In fact, it’s a growing trend to make the bedroom into the bedroom again. Sweet dreams.