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Vintage Bathroom with a Modern Touch


One of the hottest trends right now is bringing together the vintage and modern look in home design. Vintage décor brings a classy and timeless feel to any room, while modern style makes homeowners feel up to date with trends. A great room to try this new trend is in the bathroom.D201014RB_Opulence-Miniset_Final_new

The best part of this design style is the fact that you can easily work with what you have especially if you have an older house. Older houses usually have great character, and when incorporating modern elements, it can really bring the house up-to-date while keeping the original charm. If you don’t have that “vintage charm” built in, there are a few easy fixes to bring old world to modern day. Here are some key point to consider when creating this style in your home:

  • Use rich and bold colors and materials
  • Rich textiles and paints can really set the tone for the room
  • Pick the perfect faucet and showerhead
  • Going with modern style and an oil rubbed bronze finish can really bring that vintage charm, while keeping it modern, or go chrome and a traditional style!
  • Revamp your style with great accent pieces
  • Find your favorite antique store and find some key accessories, just make sure they all have a purpose
  • Choose beautiful and multiple mirrors
  • Choose statement mirrors that are all different shapes and sizes, no need to match
  • Make a statement with the lighting
  • Perhaps a chandelier!
  • Recycle or reuse items/décor from your home
  • This will help to keep the budget low as well as help to keep your bathroom flowing with the rest of your home

This new trend of mixing vintage and modern, when done correctly can bring the creation of a beautiful and timeless bathroom to your home!