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If you think raw poultry and spoiled foods are the only health threats in your kitchen, you should know about some of the other dangers lurking in the shadows waiting to make you and your family sick:

CUTTING BOARD: Logic says that when a cutting board gets a cut, there would be no problem. But what if that cut or deep scratch is harboring bacteria that you can’t see and disinfectant can’t reach? SOLUTION: Replace your cutting boards regularly

NONSTICK PAN: Heating your nonstick pan above 500 degrees can release toxic fumes that can make you sick. The same can happen at lower temperatures if the pan is scratched or damaged. And pans made before 2010 have an even higher risk of fumes. SOLUTION: If any of these conditions exist, replace the pan.

PLASTIC FOOD CONTAINERS: A chemical compound known as bisphenol (BPA) has been connected to illnesses like cancer, obesity, and heart disease. This compound was used in the manufacture of older storage containers and is a risk for seeping into both food and drink. SOLUTION: Replace your older containers with BPA-free containers.

ToddlerCleaningKitchen SPONGE: If being damp all the time wasn’t bad enough, all of a kitchen sponge’s nooks and crannies make it a favorite breeding ground for germs. SOLUTION: If it’s less than two weeks old, sanitize it by rinsing it in hot water and zapping it in the microwave for half a minute. If it’s older than two weeks, just throw it out.

DISH TOWEL: Dish towels and sponges are first cousins when it comes to having the same risks for germs. This is especially true if you use towels for counter or hand wiping. SOLUTION: Throw your towels in the washer or replace them often.

BBQ GRILL BRUSH: The brush you use to slather that delicious sauce on your ribs or chicken can start shedding bristles when it’s old or used a lot. And when those bristles mix with the food and are digested, the result can be punctured a stomach, throat or intestines. SOLUTION: Replace your brush every 60-90 days.