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Kitchen Remodeling


As one of the most respected independent, non-profit, ‘expert testing’ organizations in the country, people listen closely whenever Consumer Reports (CR) delivers another one of its consumer reports. But this time, in a recent effort to discern current kitchen remodeling trends, CR did all the listening.


Along with measuring the opinions of various professionals such as architects, designers and remodeling contractors, they spoke to many of their Facebook fans. From what people love and hate about their kitchens to the lessons learned during kitchen makeovers, here is some of what they learned:

Best remodeling kitchen project decisions:

  • Buying energy efficient appliances
  • Refinishing (instead of replacing) original cabinets and adding new knobs & pulls
  • Purchasing cabinets from Habitat for Humanity
  • Buying a second-hand kitchen from a deconstruction firm including cabinets, dishwasher, cooktop, stove microwave, fridge
  • Installing a skylight in a dark kitchen
  • Buying a double stove oven
  • Adding a full-sized pantry

Most disliked feature of your kitchen:

  • Wish range hood with its fake vent could vent on the outside of our condo
  • Stainless steel appliances are tough to keep clean
  • Searching for a pan that’s hiding in the back of a bottom cabinet
  • No storage space for large pots and small appliances
  • Carpet in the kitchen
  • The color gold leftover from the 70’s

Most reliable resources for advice on design and remodeling projects:

  • offers strong online community and designer blogs about different problems and issues, plus contractors can be an invaluable source of information
  • has hundreds of thousands of pictures and the ability to create your own "ideabooks" that can be shared with friends on Facebook or directly with your architect or contractor
  • Hard lessons from past remodeling jobs have helped us finally put together a great kitchen


Craziest comments heard from a remodeling contractor:

  • "Well, all windows leak a little."
  • "The work will be completed in 2 weeks."
  • “When water started pouring in through kitchen’s fluorescent light, the builder said not to worry about water coming through an electrical fixture.”