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When is a Medicine Cabinet
Not a Medicine Cabinet?

medicinecabinet_imageConsidering how heat and humidity shorten the effectiveness of drug prescriptions, the last place you should store any of your meds is in your bathroom medicine cabinet. From steamy showers to hot water from the sink to heating vents, everything in the room can contribute to an atmosphere more reminiscent of an Amazon jungle than a city or suburban master bath. And while a window and an exhaust fan can help, the fluctuating temperatures and moisture-buildup are near impossible to control.

That said, here is a list of other items you shouldn’t keep in your bathroom. Or more simply put-- Storer Beware.

Makeup: From foundation to mascara to blush, makeup has a way of breaking down chemically long before its time if not stored at room temperature.

Non-water proof electronics: Moving and grooving to the tunes while bathing can be fun for you, but the humidity can be murder to your radio or iPod. Look for music machines made for the bathroom.

Extra razor blades: Bet you didn’t know that steam and humidity can dull a razor even before you use it. Keep them in a sealed plastic bag or in another room altogether.

Jewelry: If you’re a fan of tarnish, there’s no better way to get your jewelry oxidizing than to store it in the bathroom. If you’re not a fan, try a dry, cool place.

Nail polish: The shelf-life of nail polish at room temperature is just a couple years. Store it in the bathroom or even the fridge, and you’ll be quickly chipping away at that time.

Linens: Steam and heat are close friends of mold and mildew. Storing your linens in the bathroom gives said mold and mildew a soft and comfortable place to live. This is also a good reason to dry your wet towel after your bathe.