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When it comes to dining room tables, shape matters.


From rectangular to square, oval to round, the best way to start redoing your dining room is to first pick the shape of your table. After all, the shape dramatically influences the space in the room as well as the overall feel.

shutterstock_71248363And if that isn’t enough to think about, you need to consider how it will be used. Will you use the table just for family meals? How about games with friends or formal dinner parties with guests? And don’t forget to think about whether you’ll ever use it as a desk for a home office or maybe a nice flat surface for just sitting and reading.

Confusing, isn’t it? Well, don’t worry, because here is a brief tutorial regarding the pros and the cons of each table shape:

ROUND: If your dining room has limited space, a round table could be the answer. It’s also the least formal of all shapes and the perfect shape if you and the gang enjoy playing board and card games.

SQUARE: Also good for game-time, a square table can feel a little more formal than a round table, while also taking up a little more room.

OVAL: An elongated shape takes up more space but also provides more room for people to sit. Ideal for larger rooms, especially those that are long and narrow, an oval table creates the perfect ‘head of the table’ position for cutting turkeys and making toasts.

shutterstock_132241901RECTANGULAR: If you have a large dining room and need to fill up the space, a rectangular table is the best of all four shapes. While somewhat similar to an oval table for the seating it provides, a rectangle is the most formal.