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White is the New White


Anyone who says that the color white is out of style is out of touch with the interior designer mindset of what’s hot and what’s not. White continues to be considered “timeless’ and a “classic” because it has a freshness, purity and cleanness that are especially relevant in the kitchen where food is prepared and eaten.


While cabinets used to be its exclusive domain in the kitchen, the imagination is the only limit now for where and how white is used. Thanks to the entry of more elements, the idea of mixing and matching in the kitchen has caught on. From walls to ceilings to countertops, using white in multiple places and playing with varying shades can add much depth and richness.

Despite some people’s concerns that too much white will look stark and boring, the truth is that the other elements in the space will add the requisite texture and interest. This might include stainless steel, natural woods and glass, not to mention the natural light from a room’s windows.

By the way, thanks to the softening effect of the veins and markings in natural stone and quartz materials, white countertops have grown in popularity as part of the kitchen canvas. The one place where white is not encouraged? The floor. The reason for this is no more complicated than the fact that it’s difficult to maintain.