Chantal Devane



Company:  Devane Design

Address:    Eden Prairie, MN, 55347

Phone:       612-280-2783


Q: What’s your design philosophy?

I believe in a classic approach. Anything I create is going to be a balance of finding my client's personal style and pairing it with the style of their home. Most of all, I want the look to be timeless. I want my clients to love their home just as much in ten years as they do the day we complete their project.

Q: What’s the best piece of design advice you’ve ever given?

The best advice that I have learned over the years is don't be afraid to challenge your client's comfort zone. Sometimes homeowners have very solid ideas of their own that aren't necessarily the best fit for the project. It can be an uncomfortable conversation, but ultimately, you have to firmly back your own thoughts and ideas and present why another concept may work better. Hopefully the trust has been established well enough that this is acceptable and it leads to a great outcome and happy clients.

Q: What's a recent project in which you’re especially proud?

I had an opportunity to do a rather large kitchen project this past year. Whenever a designer has a large space and a reasonable budget, it makes for an exciting project (and a happy designer). The clients were interested in recreating some of the look and feel of the homes they visited when they were in Italy. We had a lot of creative fun with this project...detailed cabinet features, creating an ideal space for entertaining and bringing our new design into the adjoining spaces of the home. Best of all, I had very appreciative clients who were fun to work with!

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

Some times it's as simple as really connecting with your clients or the space. Other times, it's an inspirational piece or story that really triggers my thought process.